About MWA

MWA offers production of PSAs, issue documentaries, VR experiences, and cause marketing campaigns. We help push the envelope with your audience, engaging them in ways the average agency cannot.

We combine the forces of an advertising agency, production company, and post house to take projects from concept creation, into development, physical production, and through the delivery process.

MWA not only offers production related services, but for special projects (often for young non-profits) we are willing to step in and help fundraise. Please see our services page for more detail.

Unlike so many upstart agencies we have two decades of experience in broadcast. Our deeply engrained relationships in the non-profit and advocacy world give our clients added benefit.

Why MWA is Unique

If your project is going to air on TV, you can be sure you’re ready. With experience developing, prepping, producing, & delivering to everyone from HBO, NBC, MTV, Universal Sports, Fox Sports, & Cartoon Network (amongst others), we know what the networks need.

We come from a documentary and non-profit background. We’ve run non-profits and production companies. We see both sides of the street and we know that the non-profit world is highly competitive (often in an indirect way). Without the foresight of adept brand marketing, alignment with partners, and execution of effective issue driven campaigns, it can be hard to get a new non-profit the traction it needs for growing effect.

With a team of Emmy Award winners in our ranks and our steadfast commitment to activating audiences, organizational traction and real world effect are completely achievable.
Our Past Projects

MWA and Company

Our Portfolio
All the details on our past work.

Non-Profit Case Studies
A selection of our most successful non-profit PSA campaign stories.

The Manifesto! Project
Our first-of-it's-kind documentary based TV series. In many ways Manifesto was the brainchild for MWA.

The MWA Tribe
Our Team includes Emmy and Telly Award Winners. Our advisors come from top non-profits and include leading activists in the animal welfare and environmental world. We are world shakers and changemakers of every stripe.    
MWA is committed to the #GiveHalf model: half of our work we do as a labor of love for the community; the other half we do for our amazing clients. We see this as an added benefit of choosing our team: your conscious choice supports your community.
Email us at careers@monkeywrenchagency.com